A letter: you’ll survive

To you,

It’s ok.

You’re hurt, you’re lost, and things are difficult. The little life that you’d built has been completely turned upside down by the person you trusted the most. You’d worked so hard to give your full self, bring down your walls and open up completely. But now your heart has broken and you’re walls are back up, twice as high as they were before.

But that’s ok. Do whatever you need to do to survive, to find yourself again.

Hurt, anger, pain, heartache, despair – it all shows that you care and that you’re human. Life is a tapestry of experiences and emotions, and you’re going through some of the most extreme. You’re living life! You’ve loved and you’ve lost, and you’ll love again.

You don’t know who you are, or what you want anymore, and that’s completely normal. You’re not supposed to know – life is a mystery. Give yourself some space, some time and some love. Things are tough – recognise that, accept that and sit with that. Let yourself feel it, and embrace the feeling – it’s all coming from you.

You will survive. You will move on. You will be happy. Things change all the time, and this will too.¬†One day, this will be a memory – a time of your life that you look back on, and you’re thankful for.

Love from me xx

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